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Low Cost Air Duct Leak Repair Near Tassajara

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Low Cost Air Duct Leak Repair Near Tassajara




Roy Frasier

Service Request:

There seems to be an issue with the HVAC, but only in one particular room, not the rest of the home.

Our Solution:

This customer is dealing with a particular area or room that is not heating or cooling properly.  In these cases, it's necessary to check for tears in the air ducts.  A tear can cause a leak where the hot or cool air seeps out instead of flowing through the ducts, resulting in poor air circulation and temperature control.  So when a room is not heating or cooling properly, that can be a tell-tale sign that there's a tear somewhere in the ducts.  We tested the ducts in Mr. Frasier's home, found the leak, and repaired it with HVAC duct sealing tape.  To help prevent further tears, we finished by adding a fastener clamp over the tape.

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