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Do you have a question regarding your air ducts or HVAC unit? We may have the answer right here. These FAQs have some cleaning and maintenance solutions that will help you improve your indoor air quality and make sure your ductwork's condition stays optimal.

How often does a plastic dryer vent need replacement?

If you have a plastic dryer vent, you should consider replacing it right away with a rigid or semi-rigid metal one. This is because it collects much more lint, much more quickly compared to its counterparts. What’s more, it is at risk of catching and spreading any fire resulting from lint build-up. In general, the safest dryer vents are short, made from metal and have the lowest possible number of turns.

Is a HEPA air filter a good choice for my HVAC system?

There are HEPA filters that can block over 99% of all particles and microorganisms passing through them. That is why they are considered a good choice for families with children, allergy sufferers and members having respiratory chronic conditions. The problem with them is that they are very thick and may slow down the air flow, and therefore cause the HVAC system to work harder.

What are the most common signs of mold my air ducts?

You will feel a musty smell coming out of the registers. The smell won’t go no matter how many times you clean the room or how many air fresheners you empty out. You may also notice a strange veggie growth on your air duct registers too. The color can range from pale yellow, green and brown to black. Neither one is good, which is why you should call our experts right away.

Will air duct cleaning help allergy sufferers feel better?

This is considered to be one of the main measures for alleviating the condition of people who suffer from dust and pollen allergies. Air duct cleaning, along with regular air filter replacement, helps to reduce the number of contaminants in the house and improve the indoor air quality to a great extent. It is usually recommended that it takes place once or twice a year.


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