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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality
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In the heat of the midday sun, it is always nice to get some shade or to escape to a ventilated room with cool clean air. Californian legislation means that rooms are not polluted by cigarette smoke but that does not necessarily mean that the indoor air quality is good. At indoor air quality San Ramon we like to think that is something we can guarantee but you will have to contact us first.

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Indoor Air QualityWhile cigarette smoke can cause problems of air quality dust is as dangerous because it gathers unseen in air ducts at a rate of perhaps three pounds a month in a large house so imagine the volume accumulated in really large buildings. There is no escaping dust; it is not a matter of closing doors and windows as daily cleaners working in bars, restaurants and offices will tell you, and the busy mother needing to keep the home in good shape.

The dust in the air ducts is unseen and so is perhaps forgotten but it will all the time add pollution to the air being breathed within the building as well as reduce the efficiency of the ventilation system. Air fresheners can mask the odor of the stale air which will gradually develop but they do not remove the germs and bacteria which can be harmful to asthma sufferers and those with cardiac or chest conditions.

The first sign of a problem may be grime on the vent grills. You should give us a call to come and check your air quality. It might be a salutary lesson to see how much dust and dirt can come out of air ducts that have not been cleaned for some time. It is certainly a strong argument for regular attention. We use vacuums which draw out the dust and any dirt that might have gathered on the walls of the air ducts. Once everything is out and the air ducts are clean, the vent grills are brushed clean then the ventilation system should be as good as new.

The indoor air quality will improve immediately and there will even be an energy saving as a clean system runs so much more efficiently than a dirty one. It can be as much as 40% difference which will certainly make a difference to future energy bills.

Maintaining good indoor air quality needs regular attention and regular cleaning of the air ducts. Seal and joints need to be air tight and any damaged air ducts replaced though that is rare with the rigid metal ducts. There is no definite regularity of cleaning; it is really a matter of checking indoor air quality. If any major work is being planned, anything from redecoration to renovation n or extension work, those things generate extra dust so the air ducts should be attended to as the last job before the project is complete.

As a service company we are very conscious that our business depends upon establishing and maintaining a good reputation. That is in terms of the promptness of our response and the effectiveness of our work to create good indoor air quality.  Whether the job is residential or commercial we are ready to prove our worth in providing indoor air quality that will keep the family, customers or workforce happy.

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